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About Themify | PTB Extra Fields

Welcome to Themify | PTB Extra Fields

Themify is a renowned WordPress theme and plugin developer known for its design-centric approach and user-friendly customization options. Their latest addition to their lineup is the PTB Extra Fields plugin, designed to enhance the functionality of the popular Post Type Builder plugin. Let’s take a closer look at what PTB Extra Fields has to offer.

What is PTB Extra Fields?

PTB Extra Fields is an extension plugin for the Post Type Builder, a versatile tool that allows users to create custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress without any coding knowledge. With PTB Extra Fields, users can take their custom post types to the next level by adding additional field types such as checkboxes, date pickers, and file uploads.

Key Features of PTB Extra Fields

– Additional Field Types: PTB Extra Fields offers a wide range of field types to choose from, including text fields, radio buttons, and image uploads, allowing for greater flexibility in content creation.
– Conditional Logic: Users can set up conditional logic rules to show or hide specific fields based on the values of other fields, providing a more dynamic and intuitive user experience.
– Seamless Integration: PTB Extra Fields seamlessly integrates with the Post Type Builder plugin, allowing users to easily add and manage custom fields within their custom post types.
– User-Friendly Interface: The plugin features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and customize custom post types and fields without any technical skills required.

How to Use PTB Extra Fields

Using PTB Extra Fields is simple and straightforward. After installing and activating the plugin, users can access the extra field types through the Post Type Builder interface. From there, they can add, edit, and delete custom fields as needed, and configure conditional logic rules to control field visibility.

Enhance Your WordPress Site with PTB Extra Fields

Whether you’re building a portfolio website, an online store, or a blog, PTB Extra Fields can help you create rich and dynamic content that engages your audience. With its customizable field types and conditional logic features, the plugin offers endless possibilities for customization without the need for coding. Try PTB Extra Fields today and take your WordPress site to the next level.

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