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About Supportcandy | Assign Agent Rules

Introducing Supportcandy

Supportcandy is a versatile and powerful customer support plugin for WordPress websites. It allows businesses to manage customer queries, complaints, and support tickets efficiently. One of the standout features of Supportcandy is its Assign Agent Rules functionality, which simplifies the process of assigning support agents to specific tickets based on predefined rules.

Understanding Assign Agent Rules

Assign Agent Rules in Supportcandy enable businesses to automate the assignment of support agents to tickets based on various criteria. This feature streamlines the support process by ensuring that each ticket is directed to the right agent promptly.

Efficient Ticket Distribution

Supportcandy’s Assign Agent Rules feature allows businesses to set specific rules for ticket assignment. For example, tickets can be automatically assigned to agents based on the ticket category, priority, or even the customer’s location. This ensures that tickets are distributed evenly among agents and resolved in a timely manner.

Customization Options

Supportcandy offers a high degree of customization for Assign Agent Rules. Businesses can create complex rules with multiple conditions to precisely control how tickets are assigned. This level of customization ensures that each ticket is handled by the most suitable agent, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Agent Productivity

By automating the ticket assignment process, Supportcandy’s Assign Agent Rules feature boosts agent productivity. Agents no longer have to spend time manually assigning tickets, allowing them to focus on resolving customer issues efficiently. This results in quicker response times and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Efficient ticket assignment leads to a superior customer experience. With Supportcandy’s Assign Agent Rules ensuring that each ticket is routed to the most appropriate agent, customers receive faster and more accurate responses to their queries. This personalized approach enhances customer loyalty and helps businesses build strong relationships with their clientele.

Streamlined Support Operations

Supportcandy’s Assign Agent Rules feature streamlines support operations by automating ticket assignment. This reduces the burden on support team managers and ensures that tickets are delegated effectively. As a result, businesses can handle a higher volume of support requests without compromising on quality or efficiency.


Supportcandy’s Assign Agent Rules feature is a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their customer support operations. By automating ticket assignment and ensuring that each ticket is routed to the most suitable agent, businesses can improve agent productivity, enhance the customer experience, and streamline their support operations. With Supportcandy, businesses can provide exceptional customer support that sets them apart from the competition.

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