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About Readabler – WordPress Accessibility Plugin


Readabler is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that improves accessibility for all users on your website. This powerful tool ensures that your content is easily readable and navigable, regardless of any disabilities or limitations your audience may have. With Readabler, you can make your website more inclusive and user-friendly, ultimately reaching a broader audience and increasing user engagement.


Readabler comes packed with a range of features designed to enhance the accessibility of your WordPress site. Some key features include:

  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Adjustable text size and font options
  • Customizable color contrast settings
  • Keyboard navigation support
  • Readability analysis tools

Text-to-Speech Functionality

One of the standout features of Readabler is its text-to-speech functionality. This allows users to have your content read aloud to them, making it easier to consume for those with visual impairments or learning disabilities. This feature ensures that all users can access your content, regardless of their individual needs or capabilities.

Adjustable Text Size and Font Options

With Readabler, users can easily adjust the text size and font style to suit their preferences. This flexibility is crucial for users with visual impairments or reading difficulties, ensuring that they can comfortably read and engage with your content. By offering these customization options, you demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility on your website.

Customizable Color Contrast Settings

Readabler also allows users to customize the color contrast settings on your website. This feature is particularly important for users with color blindness or vision impairments, as it ensures that your content remains easily readable and distinguishable. By providing this level of customization, you can create a more user-friendly experience for all visitors to your site.

Keyboard Navigation Support

For users who rely on keyboard navigation to browse the web, Readabler offers robust support for seamless navigation. This feature enhances the accessibility of your site by ensuring that all interactive elements are easily accessible via keyboard commands. By prioritizing keyboard navigation, you create a more inclusive and user-friendly environment for all users.

Readability Analysis Tools

Readabler provides powerful readability analysis tools that help you optimize your content for maximum clarity and comprehension. By analyzing factors such as sentence structure, word choice, and reading level, you can fine-tune your content to ensure it is accessible to a wide audience. These tools empower you to create content that is engaging and understandable for all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations.


In conclusion, Readabler is a must-have WordPress plugin for anyone looking to improve the accessibility of their website. By incorporating features such as text-to-speech functionality, adjustable text size and font options, customizable color contrast settings, keyboard navigation support, and readability analysis tools, Readabler ensures that your content is accessible to all users. Enhance the inclusivity and user-friendliness of your site today with Readabler.

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