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Qsm / quiz and survey master | Export & Import

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About Qsm / quiz and survey master | Export & Import

Introduction to QSM

QSM, also known as Quiz and Survey Master, is a popular WordPress plugin that allows users to create and manage quizzes, surveys, and assessments on their websites. With QSM, users can easily customize and design interactive quizzes to engage their audience and gather valuable insights.

Key Features of QSM

QSM offers a wide range of features that make it a versatile tool for creating and managing quizzes and surveys. Some of the key features include customizable quiz designs, multiple question types, detailed reporting and analytics, and the ability to export and import quiz data.

Exporting Quiz Data with QSM

One of the standout features of QSM is the ability to export quiz data in various formats. Users can export quiz results, participant data, and other relevant information to analyze and use for further analysis. This feature is especially useful for businesses and educators looking to gain insights from their quizzes and surveys.

Importing Quiz Data with QSM

In addition to exporting quiz data, QSM also allows users to import quiz data from external sources. This feature makes it easy to transfer quiz information from one platform to another or to integrate data from multiple sources. Importing quiz data with QSM is a seamless process that saves time and effort for users.

Benefits of Exporting and Importing Quiz Data

The ability to export and import quiz data with QSM offers several benefits to users. It allows for easy data backup and storage, enables data sharing and collaboration, and facilitates data migration between different platforms. By leveraging the export and import features of QSM, users can streamline their quiz management processes and make better use of their data.


In conclusion, QSM is a powerful tool for creating and managing quizzes and surveys on WordPress websites. The export and import features of QSM allow users to easily transfer quiz data, analyze results, and gain valuable insights. Whether you are a business owner, educator, or content creator, QSM provides the tools you need to engage your audience and gather important information. Try QSM today and take your quizzes to the next level!

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