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Campaign Monitor is a powerful email marketing platform that allows businesses to create and send targeted email campaigns to their subscribers. One of the key features of Campaign Monitor is the profile builder tool, which helps businesses gather important information about their subscribers to create more personalized and effective email campaigns.

What is a profile builder?

A profile builder is a tool that allows businesses to collect information about their subscribers such as name, email address, demographics, interests, and more. This information is then used to create targeted email campaigns that are tailored to the specific preferences and needs of each subscriber.

How does the profile builder work?

The profile builder tool in Campaign Monitor allows businesses to create customizable signup forms that can be embedded on their website or shared on social media. When a subscriber fills out the form, their information is automatically added to the business’s subscriber list, and the business can use this information to create personalized email campaigns.

Benefits of using a profile builder

There are several benefits to using a profile builder tool like the one offered by Campaign Monitor. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved targeting: By collecting information about subscribers, businesses can create more targeted and relevant email campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their audience.
  • Personalization: Personalized email campaigns have been shown to have higher open and click-through rates, leading to increased engagement and conversions.
  • Increased subscriber retention: By sending subscribers content that is tailored to their interests and preferences, businesses can increase subscriber loyalty and retention.

Tips for using the profile builder effectively

To make the most of the profile builder tool in Campaign Monitor, businesses should follow these tips:

  • Keep forms short and simple: To increase form completion rates, businesses should only ask for essential information from subscribers.
  • Offer an incentive: To encourage subscribers to fill out the form, businesses can offer a discount, freebie, or other incentive in exchange for their information.
  • Segment your audience: Use the information collected from the profile builder to segment your audience into different groups based on demographics, interests, or behavior.
  • Test and optimize: Continuously test different form designs, incentives, and messaging to see what works best for your audience and optimize accordingly.


The profile builder tool in Campaign Monitor is a valuable resource for businesses looking to create more personalized and effective email marketing campaigns. By collecting information about subscribers and using this information to create targeted campaigns, businesses can improve engagement, retention, and conversions. By following best practices and continuously optimizing their approach, businesses can maximize the impact of their email marketing efforts with the help of the profile builder tool in Campaign Monitor.

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