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About Pixelyoursite | EDD Product Catalog Feed

Pixelyoursite Plugin Overview

Pixelyoursite is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of your website. One of the key features of Pixelyoursite is the ability to create custom product catalog feeds using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). This feature allows you to showcase your EDD products in a structured and visually appealing format.

Creating an EDD Product Catalog Feed

With Pixelyoursite, generating an EDD product catalog feed is a seamless process. You can easily set up your product feed by selecting the EDD products you want to include and customizing the feed according to your preferences. This feature is particularly useful for showcasing a specific selection of products or creating targeted advertisements for your EDD store.

Benefits of Using EDD Product Catalog Feed

There are several benefits to using Pixelyoursite’s EDD product catalog feed. Firstly, it enables you to reach a wider audience by promoting your EDD products on various platforms, such as social media or Google Shopping. Additionally, a well-structured product catalog feed can attract more potential customers and drive sales for your online store.

Customization Options for EDD Product Catalog Feed

Pixelyoursite offers a range of customization options for your EDD product catalog feed. You can personalize the appearance of your product feed by selecting different layouts, colors, and styles. This allows you to create a unique and branded showcase for your EDD products that aligns with your website’s design aesthetic.

Tracking and Analytics Integration

One of the standout features of Pixelyoursite is its seamless integration with tracking and analytics tools. With Pixelyoursite’s EDD product catalog feed, you can monitor the performance of your products and track key metrics, such as engagement levels, click-through rates, and conversions. This data can help you optimize your product feed and make informed decisions to improve your sales strategy.


In conclusion, Pixelyoursite’s EDD product catalog feed is a valuable tool for any online store using Easy Digital Downloads. By leveraging the power of Pixelyoursite, you can create visually appealing and customizable product feeds that help you showcase your EDD products effectively. Whether you are looking to boost sales, expand your reach, or enhance your marketing efforts, Pixelyoursite’s EDD product catalog feed is a must-have feature for any EDD store owner.

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