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Pie Register Overview

Pie Register is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create customized registration forms for your website. With Pie Register, you can easily build registration forms with various fields to collect user information. This plugin is perfect for social sites looking to streamline their registration process and gather specific user data.

Key Features of Pie Register

1. Customizable Fields: Pie Register allows you to add, edit, or remove fields from your registration forms. You can create custom fields to collect specific information from users.

2. Email Verification: The plugin offers email verification functionality, ensuring that all user accounts are authentic and reducing the potential for spam registrations.

3. Role-based Registration: With Pie Register, you can assign different user roles based on the information provided during registration. This feature is especially useful for social sites with varying levels of access.

4. ReCAPTCHA Support: Pie Register integrates with Google’s reCAPTCHA to prevent bots from submitting fake registrations and improving the security of your site.

Integration with Social Sites

Pie Register seamlessly integrates with social sites, allowing you to enhance the registration process for your users. By customizing registration forms with the information you need, you can create a more personalized experience for users signing up on your site.

Furthermore, Pie Register’s role-based registration feature is beneficial for social sites that offer different membership levels or privileges. You can assign specific roles to users based on their inputs, granting them access to exclusive content or features.

Enhancing User Experience

By using Pie Register on your social site, you can improve the overall user experience. The plugin’s customizable fields enable you to gather relevant information from users, allowing you to better understand your audience and tailor your site’s content to their preferences.

Additionally, Pie Register’s email verification feature ensures that user accounts are legitimate, fostering trust among members and increasing the credibility of your social site.


Pie Register is a powerful tool for social sites looking to optimize their registration process and collect specific user data. With its customizable fields, role-based registration, and integration with social sites, Pie Register offers a comprehensive solution for creating tailored registration forms that enhance the user experience. By incorporating Pie Register into your site, you can streamline registration, boost security, and gain valuable insights into your user base.

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