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About Paid memberships pro | Custom Post Type

Paid Memberships Pro Overview

Paid Memberships Pro is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage membership sites with ease. One of its key features is the ability to create custom post types, which can be a powerful tool for organizing and presenting content on your site in a structured way.

What are Custom Post Types?

Custom post types are a way to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond the standard posts and pages. They allow you to create different types of content that are unique to your site and serve specific purposes. For example, you could create a custom post type for events, products, or testimonials, each with its own set of custom fields and taxonomy terms.

Why Use Custom Post Types with Paid Memberships Pro?

Integrating custom post types with Paid Memberships Pro can provide several benefits for your membership site. Firstly, it allows you to organize your content more efficiently, making it easier for members to access and navigate through different types of content. This can improve the overall user experience and encourage members to engage with your site more frequently.

Additionally, custom post types can be used to create exclusive content for different membership levels. For example, you could create a custom post type for premium members that includes in-depth tutorials, resources, or videos that are only accessible to those members. This can help to incentivize users to upgrade to higher membership levels and increase your revenue potential.

How to Create Custom Post Types with Paid Memberships Pro

Creating custom post types with Paid Memberships Pro is a relatively straightforward process. You can use the built-in WordPress functions or plugins like Custom Post Type UI to define your custom post types, fields, and taxonomies. Once you have set up your custom post types, you can then use the Paid Memberships Pro plugin to restrict access to specific content based on membership levels.

It is important to test your custom post types thoroughly to ensure that they are functioning correctly and that members are able to access the content as intended. You may also want to consider setting up drip content schedules for custom post types to release content to members gradually over time, providing ongoing value and keeping members engaged.


Custom post types can be a valuable addition to your membership site, allowing you to create and organize content in a way that aligns with your site’s goals and objectives. By integrating custom post types with Paid Memberships Pro, you can provide a more personalized and engaging experience for your members, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and retention rates.

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