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MyCred is a popular and flexible points management system for WordPress that allows you to reward users for interacting with your website. UserPro, on the other hand, is a comprehensive user profile and community plugin for WordPress. This blog will explore how the integration of MyCred with UserPro can enhance user engagement and interaction on your website.

Benefits of Using MyCred with UserPro

By combining the power of MyCred with UserPro, you can create a more dynamic and interactive user experience on your website. Here are some of the key benefits of using these two plugins together:

Rewarding User Interactions

With MyCred, you can easily set up a points system where users earn points for various interactions on your website, such as commenting on posts, sharing content, and participating in discussions. By integrating MyCred with UserPro, you can reward users with points for completing their profiles, uploading profile pictures, and connecting with other users.

Encouraging User Engagement

By rewarding users with points for their interactions on your website, you can incentivize them to become more active and engaged members of your community. Users can then redeem their points for rewards, discounts, or special privileges, creating a sense of gamification that encourages continued participation.

Enhanced User Profiles

UserPro provides a robust set of features for creating and customizing user profiles on your website. By integrating MyCred with UserPro, you can add a points tab to user profiles, showcasing a user’s points balance, recent activity, and earned badges. This not only adds a fun and interactive element to user profiles but also allows users to see their progress and achievements at a glance.

Increased Community Interaction

With UserPro’s social features and MyCred’s points system, you can foster a sense of community and camaraderie among your users. Users can connect with each other, send private messages, and view each other’s profiles, all while earning points for their interactions. This can lead to more meaningful relationships and interactions within your community.


Integrating MyCred with UserPro can take your WordPress website to the next level by creating a more engaging and interactive user experience. By rewarding users for their interactions and encouraging community engagement, you can build a loyal following and drive more user activity on your website. Consider adding MyCred and UserPro to your website today to enhance user engagement and create a vibrant online community.

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