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MyCred is a popular reward management plugin for WordPress that allows website owners to create their custom point-based reward systems. With the MyCred Rest API, developers can now integrate MyCred into their applications and websites, allowing users to earn and spend points through API requests.

Features of MyCred Rest API

The MyCred Rest API provides developers with a set of endpoints that allow them to perform various operations related to points management. Some of the key features of the MyCred Rest API include:

  • Creating and updating user balances
  • Transferring points between users
  • Redeeming points for rewards
  • Checking point balances
  • Logging point transactions

Integration with Third-Party Platforms

Developers can use the MyCred Rest API to integrate MyCred with third-party platforms, such as e-commerce stores, online games, and membership websites. By integrating MyCred with these platforms, users can earn and spend points across multiple websites and applications, creating a seamless rewards experience.

Customization and Flexibility

The MyCred Rest API provides developers with the flexibility to customize the rewards system to suit their specific requirements. Developers can create custom endpoints, implement complex point reward rules, and integrate MyCred with their existing plugins and themes. This level of customization allows developers to create unique and engaging rewards experiences for their users.

Security and Authentication

The MyCred Rest API implements secure authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the API endpoints. Developers can use API keys, OAuth tokens, or other authentication methods to secure their API requests and protect user data. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and ensures the integrity of the rewards system.

Scalability and Performance

The MyCred Rest API is designed to be highly scalable and performant, allowing developers to handle a large number of API requests efficiently. By optimizing database queries, caching responses, and using best practices for API design, developers can ensure that the MyCred Rest API can handle the demands of high-traffic websites and applications.


The MyCred Rest API is a powerful tool that allows developers to create advanced rewards systems and integrate them seamlessly with their applications and websites. With features such as customization, integration with third-party platforms, security, scalability, and performance, the MyCred Rest API provides developers with the tools they need to create engaging rewards experiences for their users.

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