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MyCred is a popular points management system for WordPress websites that allows site owners to reward their users with points for various activities on their site. One of the key features of MyCred is the ability to track and manage pending points, which are points that have been earned by users but have not yet been approved or processed. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at pending points in MyCred and how site owners can effectively manage them.

Understanding Pending Points

Pending points in MyCred are points that have been earned by users but are not immediately added to their total points balance. This is typically done to allow site owners to review and verify the points before they are officially awarded to the user. Pending points can be earned through various activities such as making a purchase, completing a task, or participating in a specific event on the website.

Managing Pending Points

Site owners have the ability to manually approve or reject pending points in MyCred. This allows them to ensure that only valid points are awarded to users and that any fraudulent or suspicious activities are detected and dealt with accordingly. By reviewing pending points on a regular basis, site owners can maintain the integrity of their points system and ensure that users are being rewarded fairly for their actions.

Benefits of Pending Points

Having a system of pending points in place offers several benefits for site owners. It allows them to maintain control over the points awarded on their site, prevent abuse of the rewards system, and incentivize users to engage in desired actions. Pending points also give site owners the flexibility to review user activities and ensure that points are only awarded for legitimate actions.

Best Practices for Managing Pending Points

When it comes to managing pending points in MyCred, there are several best practices that site owners can follow. These include setting clear guidelines for earning points, regularly reviewing pending points to ensure accuracy, communicating with users about the status of their points, and addressing any discrepancies or issues in a timely manner. By following these best practices, site owners can effectively manage pending points and maintain a fair and transparent points system on their website.


In conclusion, pending points are an essential feature of MyCred that allows site owners to maintain control over the points awarded to users and ensure the integrity of their rewards system. By understanding the concept of pending points, actively managing them, and following best practices for handling pending points, site owners can create a positive user experience and incentivize user engagement on their website. With the right approach, pending points can be a valuable tool for site owners to drive user participation and build a loyal user base.

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