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About Mycred | buyCRED WePay

Introducing MyCred and buyCRED WePay

MyCred and buyCRED WePay are two popular and powerful WordPress plugins designed to handle all your points management and payment gateway needs. With these plugins, you can easily reward your users with points for their engagement on your website and also accept payments seamlessly through the WePay gateway.

Benefits of Using MyCred

MyCred is a versatile points management system that allows you to create a customized points system for your website. You can reward your users for various actions such as making purchases, leaving comments, and even logging in daily. This helps to increase user engagement and loyalty on your site. Additionally, MyCred integrates seamlessly with popular plugins like WooCommerce and BuddyPress, making it easy to incorporate a points system into your existing WordPress site.

Key Features of buyCRED WePay

buyCRED WePay is a payment gateway extension for MyCred that enables you to accept payments from users using the WePay platform. With buyCRED WePay, you can easily set up a secure and reliable payment system on your website, allowing users to purchase points or make payments using their credit cards. The integration with WePay ensures that your transactions are safe and encrypted, providing peace of mind for both you and your users.

How MyCred and buyCRED WePay Work Together

When MyCred and buyCRED WePay are used together, you can create a seamless user experience on your website. Users can earn points through various activities and then use those points to make purchases or payments using the WePay gateway. This combination of plugins allows you to incentivize user engagement while also monetizing your website through point purchases and transactions.

Setting Up MyCred and buyCRED WePay

Setting up MyCred and buyCRED WePay is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply install and activate the plugins on your WordPress site, configure the settings according to your preferences, and start rewarding your users with points and accepting payments through the WePay gateway. Both plugins offer comprehensive documentation and support to help you get started quickly and easily.


In conclusion, MyCred and buyCRED WePay offer a powerful solution for managing points and accepting payments on your WordPress website. Whether you want to reward your users for engagement or create a secure payment system, these plugins provide the tools you need to achieve your goals. By using MyCred and buyCRED WePay together, you can create a seamless and rewarding experience for your users while also monetizing your website effectively.

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