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Celebrate your milestones with Mycred Anniversary Pro, a premium plugin designed to enhance your rewards and recognition program. Whether you are marking a year of loyal customers, employee service, or any other significant achievement, this plugin can help you create a memorable and engaging anniversary experience.

Customization Options

With Mycred Anniversary Pro, you have complete control over how you recognize and reward anniversaries within your organization. Customize the plugin to suit your branding, messaging, and goals. From personalized messages to specific reward structures, the possibilities are endless.

Automated Recognition

Forget about manually tracking and recognizing anniversaries. Mycred Anniversary Pro automates the process, ensuring that no milestone goes unnoticed. Set up the plugin to send out automated emails, notifications, or even digital badges to mark each anniversary. This saves you time and effort while still making your employees or customers feel valued.

Enhanced Engagement

Studies show that recognition and rewards lead to higher engagement levels among employees and customers. With Mycred Anniversary Pro, you can boost engagement by acknowledging key milestones in a meaningful and personalized way. Encourage loyalty, motivation, and a sense of belonging with this powerful plugin.

Reporting and Analytics

Track the impact of your anniversary program with Mycred Anniversary Pro’s comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Monitor engagement rates, redemption statistics, and overall program performance to make informed decisions about your rewards and recognition strategy. Identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement with ease.

Integration Options

Mycred Anniversary Pro seamlessly integrates with popular platforms and tools, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow. Whether you use WordPress, WooCommerce, or other systems, this plugin can be integrated smoothly for a seamless user experience. Enhance your current rewards program with Mycred Anniversary Pro’s advanced features.

Personalized Rewards

Make each anniversary celebration unique with personalized rewards and incentives. Mycred Anniversary Pro allows you to offer customized gifts, discounts, or special privileges based on individual preferences or milestones. Create a memorable experience that shows your appreciation and strengthens relationships with your employees or customers.


Make your anniversaries unforgettable with Mycred Anniversary Pro. This versatile plugin offers a range of features to enhance your recognition and rewards program, from customizable options to automated workflows. Boost engagement, loyalty, and motivation among your audience with a personalized anniversary experience. Celebrate milestones in style with Mycred Anniversary Pro.

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