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Modula is an innovative software that revolutionizes the way you manage and organize your files. With Modula, you can easily create deeplinks for your files, making it effortless to share specific content with others. Whether you are an individual looking for a more efficient way to organize your digital assets or a business searching for a secure and streamlined file management solution, Modula’s deeplink feature can provide immense value.

What are deeplinks?

If you have ever wanted to share a specific document, image, or video with others without sending the entire folder or collection, deeplinks are the answer. A deeplink is a URL that directs users to a specific file or page within a website. It eliminates the need for recipients to navigate through multiple folders or pages to access the desired content, saving time and effort for both the sender and receiver.

The benefits of using Modula’s deeplink feature

Modula’s deeplink feature offers several advantages:

1. Enhanced efficiency and productivity:

Instead of spending time searching for files or sharing entire folders, Modula’s deeplinks allow you to send or access specific files instantly. This improves productivity by eliminating unnecessary steps and simplifying the sharing process.

2. Increased security:

Deeplinks in Modula are secure, ensuring that only authorized users can access the shared content. You can even set expiration dates or revoke access to the files, enhancing data protection and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

3. Simplified collaboration:

Modula’s deeplinks facilitate collaboration by enabling team members to directly access the files they need, without the hassle of searching through folders or requesting access. This streamlines workflows and promotes efficient teamwork.

4. Improved user experience:

With deeplinks, users can navigate directly to relevant content instead of clicking through various directories. This enhances the overall user experience, making file access more intuitive and user-friendly.

How to use Modula’s deeplink feature

Using Modula’s deeplink feature is straightforward:

1. Select the file:

In the Modula interface, choose the specific file you want to share. This can be an image, document, video, or any other supported file type.

2. Generate the deeplink:

Click on the deeplink option within Modula to generate a unique URL for the selected file. Modula will create a short, user-friendly URL that you can share with others.

3. Share the deeplink:

You can now share the generated deeplink via email, messaging apps, or by embedding it in websites or documents. Recipients can simply click on the link to access the file instantly.

4. Manage deeplinks:

With Modula, you can manage and track the deeplinks you have created. You can monitor who has accessed the files, set expiration dates, or revoke access when needed.


Modula’s deeplink feature provides a seamless and efficient way to share specific files and content with others. By eliminating the need to navigate through multiple folders or pages, Modula saves time, enhances security, and simplifies collaboration. Whether you are an individual or a business, Modula’s deeplink feature can greatly improve your file management and sharing processes.

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