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About Learndash | Groups Plus


Learndash | Groups Plus is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the popular LMS plugin, LearnDash. This add-on offers a wide range of features to help administrators better manage and organize their online courses in group settings.

Key Features

One of the standout features of Learndash | Groups Plus is the ability to create and manage groups within the LearnDash LMS. This allows administrators to segment their users into different cohorts, making it easier to assign courses, track progress, and communicate with specific groups.

Additionally, this plugin offers advanced group management features such as group leader assignments, group-specific messaging, and the ability to set access permissions for different groups. This level of customization ensures that administrators have full control over how their courses are delivered to learners.

Improved User Experience

By utilizing Learndash | Groups Plus, administrators can enhance the overall user experience for both learners and instructors. Group leaders can provide personalized support and guidance to their assigned groups, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Furthermore, the plugin allows for seamless communication between group members, enabling learners to collaborate, ask questions, and share resources within their designated groups. This sense of community can boost engagement and motivation amongst learners, ultimately leading to improved course outcomes.

Enhanced Course Management

With Learndash | Groups Plus, course administrators can streamline the management of their online courses. The plugin offers tools for bulk course assignments, group-specific course access, and progress tracking at the group level.

Administrators can also set group-specific prerequisites and drip-feed content to different groups, ensuring that learners progress through the course material at a pace that suits their needs. This level of flexibility empowers administrators to tailor their courses to the unique requirements of each group.

Integration with LearnDash

Learndash | Groups Plus seamlessly integrates with the LearnDash LMS, enhancing its functionality without compromising its core features. This add-on complements the existing capabilities of LearnDash, providing administrators with additional tools to manage and deliver their online courses.

Users can easily install and configure Learndash | Groups Plus within their WordPress dashboard, allowing for a hassle-free integration process. The intuitive user interface ensures that administrators can quickly get up and running with the plugin, maximizing its benefits from the start.


In conclusion, Learndash | Groups Plus is a valuable extension for users of the LearnDash LMS who are looking to optimize their group-based online courses. With its robust feature set, enhanced user experience, and seamless integration with LearnDash, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution for administrators seeking to elevate their online learning environment.

Whether you are managing corporate training programs, online schools, or membership sites, Learndash | Groups Plus can help you create a more engaging and organized learning experience for your users.

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