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In this blog post, we will explore the integration between Learndash and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). Learndash is a popular learning management system plugin for WordPress, while EDD is a powerful e-commerce solution for selling digital products. By integrating these two plugins, you can create a seamless learning and selling experience for your online courses.

Setting up Learndash

The first step in integrating Learndash with EDD is to set up your online courses using the Learndash plugin. You can create interactive lessons, quizzes, and assignments to engage your students and deliver high-quality online learning content. Once you have created your courses, you can move on to integrating EDD for selling your courses.

Installing EDD Plugin

To integrate EDD with Learndash, you need to install the Easy Digital Downloads plugin on your WordPress site. EDD provides all the features you need to sell digital products, including secure payment processing, order management, and customer support. Once you have installed and activated the EDD plugin, you can start setting up your digital products for sale.

Creating EDD Products

With EDD installed, you can create digital products for your online courses. Each course can be set up as a separate product in EDD, allowing you to manage sales and access to course content efficiently. You can set prices, discounts, and product descriptions for each course to attract potential students and maximize sales.

Linking Learndash Courses with EDD Products

Once you have set up your courses in Learndash and created products in EDD, you can link them together to create a seamless user experience. By connecting each course with its corresponding product, you can automatically enroll students in courses when they purchase them through EDD. This integration streamlines the process for both you and your students, making it easy to sell and deliver online courses.

Managing Sales and Students

With Learndash and EDD integrated, you can easily manage sales and track student progress. EDD provides detailed reports on sales and revenue, allowing you to analyze the performance of your online courses. Learndash, on the other hand, gives you insights into student engagement and completion rates, helping you improve the quality of your courses over time.


Integrating Learndash with Easy Digital Downloads can take your online courses to the next level by combining powerful e-learning features with robust e-commerce functionality. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can create a seamless learning and selling experience for your students and maximize your online course revenue. Start integrating Learndash with EDD today and unlock the full potential of your online courses!

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