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About Gravity perks | Blocklist

Introduction to Gravity Perks Blocklist

Gravity Perks Blocklist is a powerful and versatile add-on for Gravity Forms that allows you to create blacklists to block spam submissions on your forms. With this tool, you can prevent specific users, IP addresses, email addresses, or any other custom value from submitting the form, providing you with an added layer of security and efficiency.

Key Features of Gravity Perks Blocklist

1. Blacklist Creation: Easily create and manage blacklists of users, IP addresses, email addresses, or custom values.

2. Advanced Blocking Options: Set up complex rules to block submissions based on multiple criteria for enhanced protection.

3. Enhanced Security: Keep your forms safe and secure by preventing spam submissions from reaching your inbox.

4. Customization: Tailor the blocklist settings to suit your specific needs and requirements.

How Gravity Perks Blocklist Works

Once installed and activated, Gravity Perks Blocklist integrates seamlessly with your Gravity Forms. You can create blacklists through the user-friendly interface and configure the blocking rules as needed. When a submission matches the criteria in your blocklist, it will be automatically rejected, ensuring that only legitimate entries are accepted.

Benefits of Using Gravity Perks Blocklist

1. Prevent Spam: Stop unwanted spam submissions from cluttering your form entries.

2. Save Time: Eliminate the need to manually review and delete spam entries, saving you time and effort.

3. Improve Data Quality: Ensure that the data collected through your forms is accurate and reliable.

4. Enhance Security: Protect your forms and sensitive information from malicious attacks and fraudulent activities.

Get Started with Gravity Perks Blocklist Today

Ready to take control of your Gravity Forms and block unwanted submissions? Purchase Gravity Perks Blocklist today and experience the benefits of enhanced security and efficiency. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this add-on is a must-have for any Gravity Forms user looking to improve their form management process.

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