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About Gravity forms | Partial Entries

Introduction to Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a powerful and versatile form builder plugin for WordPress websites. It allows you to create complex forms with ease and collect data from your users in a structured manner. One of the features that make Gravity Forms stand out is the ability to save partial entries.

What are Partial Entries?

Partial entries in Gravity Forms refer to forms that have been started but not completed by the user. This could happen if the user gets interrupted, navigates away from the page, or simply needs more time to fill out the form. Gravity Forms allows you to capture and save this partial data, ensuring that no information is lost.

Why Use Partial Entries?

There are several reasons why using partial entries in Gravity Forms can be beneficial. For starters, it provides a better user experience as users can come back to the form and continue where they left off. This can reduce frustration and encourage users to complete the form. Additionally, saving partial entries gives you the opportunity to follow up with users who abandoned the form, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Setting Up Partial Entries in Gravity Forms

Enabling partial entries in Gravity Forms is a straightforward process. You can do this by going to the form settings and checking the box that allows saving partial entries. Once this is done, Gravity Forms will automatically save any partial data entered by users. You can also configure how long the data should be saved before it is deleted.

Retrieving Partial Entries

Once partial entries are being saved, you can retrieve this data from the WordPress dashboard. Gravity Forms provides a user-friendly interface where you can view, edit, and export partial entries. This gives you valuable insights into user behavior and allows you to follow up with potential leads.

Best Practices for Using Partial Entries

When implementing partial entries in Gravity Forms, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure to clearly communicate to users that their data is being saved. This helps build trust and encourages users to return and complete the form. Additionally, regularly review and analyze the partial entries data to improve your form’s usability and conversion rate.


Gravity Forms’ partial entries feature is a valuable tool for improving user experience and increasing form completions. By enabling partial entries and utilizing the data effectively, you can enhance your lead generation efforts and optimize your online forms for better results.

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