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About FiboSearch – Ajax Search for WooCommerce


FiboSearch is a powerful and advanced Ajax search plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce websites. It provides a fast and accurate search experience for your customers, helping them find products quickly and easily. With FiboSearch, you can enhance the search functionality of your online store and improve overall user experience.

Key Features

One of the key features of FiboSearch is its ability to deliver instant search results as users type in the search bar. This real-time searching functionality helps users find products without having to wait for the page to load or hit the Enter key. FiboSearch also offers autocomplete suggestions, which can aid users in refining their search queries and discovering related products.

Furthermore, FiboSearch includes advanced search capabilities such as searching by SKU, product category, or product attributes. This makes it easier for customers to find specific items within your WooCommerce store. The plugin also supports synonyms and spelling corrections, ensuring that users receive relevant results even if they make typos or use different terminology.

Customization Options

FiboSearch allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of the search bar to match your website’s design. You can choose from various layout options, color schemes, and animation effects to create a search experience that aligns with your brand. Additionally, the plugin offers customizable search filters, which enable users to narrow down their search results based on criteria such as price range, product ratings, or availability.

Performance Optimization

By leveraging AJAX technology, FiboSearch delivers lightning-fast search results without reloading the entire page. This not only enhances user experience but also reduces server load and improves website performance. The plugin is optimized for speed and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for WooCommerce stores with large product catalogs or high traffic volumes.

Compatibility and Support

FiboSearch is designed to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. The plugin is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce and works with most WooCommerce themes and extensions. In case you encounter any issues or have questions about the plugin, FiboSearch offers dedicated customer support to assist you with any technical concerns or customization requests.


In conclusion, FiboSearch is a feature-rich and user-friendly Ajax search plugin that can enhance the search experience on your WooCommerce website. With its real-time search functionality, advanced search capabilities, customization options, and performance optimization, FiboSearch is a valuable tool for improving user engagement and driving conversions in your online store. Consider integrating FiboSearch into your WooCommerce site to provide a seamless and efficient search experience for your customers.

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