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Eventon | Filters Plus

Eventon | Filters Plus

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About Eventon | Filters Plus

Introducing Eventon | Filters Plus

Eventon | Filters Plus is a powerful plugin that enhances the functionality of your Eventon calendar by adding advanced filtering options. With this add-on, you can customize your calendar to display events based on specific criteria, making it easier for your visitors to find the events that interest them. Whether you have a busy events calendar or want to offer different views for different types of events, Eventon | Filters Plus is the perfect solution.

Key Features

Eventon | Filters Plus offers a range of features to help you customize your calendar with ease. Some of the key features include:
– Advanced filtering options that allow you to filter events by category, location, and more
– Custom filter labels to make it easy for users to understand and use the filters
– Filter reset button for users to easily clear their selected filters and view all events
– Multiple filter styles to choose from, including dropdown, checkbox, and list view
– Custom CSS options to style the filters to match your website’s design
– Seamless integration with Eventon calendar, ensuring a smooth user experience

Improved User Experience

By using Eventon | Filters Plus, you can significantly improve the user experience of your events calendar. With advanced filtering options, users can quickly find the events they are interested in without having to scroll through a long list of events. This is especially useful for websites with a high volume of events or different types of events that cater to different audiences.

Customization Options

Eventon | Filters Plus offers a range of customization options to match your calendar to your website’s design. You can choose from multiple filter styles and customize the filter labels to ensure they align with your branding. Additionally, the plugin allows you to apply custom CSS to style the filters further and make them visually appealing to your users.

Easy Integration

Eventon | Filters Plus seamlessly integrates with Eventon calendar, making it easy to set up and use. Simply install the plugin, configure your desired filtering options, and watch as your calendar becomes more user-friendly and functional. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users to apply filters and find the events they are looking for, enhancing the overall user experience of your events calendar.

Overall, Eventon | Filters Plus is a must-have plugin for anyone looking to take their Eventon calendar to the next level. With advanced filtering options, customization features, and seamless integration, this add-on can significantly enhance the user experience of your events calendar and help users find the events that matter to them.

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