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Codecanyon | Bookly Special Days

Codecanyon | Bookly Special Days

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About Codecanyon | Bookly Special Days

Introducing Bookly Special Days Plugin

Enhance your booking experience with the Bookly Special Days Plugin from Codecanyon. This powerful tool allows you to customize your booking system by adding special days and holidays.

Key Features

With Bookly Special Days, you can easily mark specific days as special, such as public holidays, seasonal events, or custom occasions. This feature is perfect for businesses that have irregular working hours or special events that affect their booking availability.

Flexible Settings

The plugin offers flexible settings that allow you to set different rules for special days. You can choose to block off the entire day, limit the number of bookings, or adjust the duration of appointments. This level of customization ensures that you have full control over your booking schedule.

Seamless Integration

Bookly Special Days seamlessly integrates with your existing Bookly Pro plugin, making it easy to incorporate special days into your booking system. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly add and manage special days without any technical expertise.

Improved Customer Experience

By using Bookly Special Days, you can provide a better customer experience by clearly communicating your availability. Customers will appreciate knowing in advance which days are unavailable for booking, reducing confusion and ensuring a smooth booking process.

Boost Efficiency

Streamline your booking process and increase efficiency with Bookly Special Days. By proactively blocking off special days, you can optimize your schedule and avoid overbooking during busy periods. This not only saves you time but also helps prevent scheduling conflicts.

Enhanced Control

Take control of your booking system with the ability to set exceptions and customize your availability with Bookly Special Days. Whether you need to block off certain days for maintenance or limit bookings during peak seasons, this plugin gives you the power to manage your schedule effectively.

Get Bookly Special Days Today

Upgrade your booking system with the Bookly Special Days Plugin from Codecanyon and take your business to the next level. Enjoy the flexibility, customization, and efficiency that this powerful tool offers, and provide your customers with a seamless booking experience.

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